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Landscaping Services

Maloney Landscaping and Paving Inc. Offers High Quality Landscaping & Hardscaping Services in Appleton Oshkosh, Neenah, Menasha, & the Fox Valley Area.

Contact the experts at Maloney Landscaping and Paving Inc. to set up a consultation and to receive a free quote for all your landscaping and hardscaping needs. They are experienced, educated, and passionate in all things landscaping and hardscaping! Located in Appleton, Maloney Landscaping and Paving Inc. serves all of the Fox Valley area, including Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, and Oshkosh with landscaping and hardscaping services that can’t be beat by their competitors! Using up-to-date technology, skilled knowledge, a creative edge, and high-quality materials, our specialists will treat you and your property with the upmost respect! Call us today ay (920) 733-8920.


Maloney Landscaping and Paving Inc. will professionally install retaining walls that are both beautiful and functional, stabilizing soil, and preventing erosion while enhancing the look of your landscape. Natural Stone, block or wood retaining walls will be a wonderful accent to your landscape.


Maloney Landscaping and Paving, Inc has been designing and installing driveways and walkways for over 20 years. We know what it takes to make your walkway enhance the look and feel of any home.

During your consultation, we will work with you to decide on the materials that best fit your taste and budget.


Maloney Landscape and Paving Inc. can design and build a custom patio specifically to fit your wants and needs that will last for years to come.

A new flagstone or paver patio can offer you a comfortable, outdoor environment to entertain family and friends.


Fire pit options range from concrete block or pavers to natural stone and all options offer different choices of color, shape, size, and texture. Fire pits can be above or below ground and also have the ability to burn gas, propane, or wood.

No matter what your style is, Maloney Landscape and Paving Inc. can custom design and build a fire pit into your landscape.


Your landscape beds are the foundation bed around your home along with any other beds such as tree rings, raised garden areas, border and boundary area beds etc. that contain plantings, mulched areas and rock beds. This service usually includes weeding of these areas on a regular basis to keep the beds looking neat and clean. Shrub maintenance and or gardening services might be included with this service depending on the types of beds you have. This is a per time service.


Landscape design is the process of developing a detailed plan for landscaping a property. The landscape designer will work with the customer to develop a landscape plan to include elements such as walkways, patios, decks, beds, focal points, retaining walls, plantings, etc.

Maloney Landscaping and Paving Inc. Offers:

  • Landscape Construction 
  • Landscape Design 
  • Landscape Design and Build 
  • Full-service Landscaping 
  • Seasonal Clean Up – professional seasonal cleanup to prepare your yard for landscaping and hardscaping.
  • Landscape Plans 
  • 3D Landscape Design 
  • Landscape Drawing 
  • Landscape Bed Design 
  • Flower Gardens – Installation and care for your residential, commercial, and civic flower gardens. 
  • Flower Garden Design – Professional flower garden design and planting for your yards for your home or business.
  • Hardscape Design 
  • Softscape Design 
  • Patio Design 
  • Garden Design 
  • Full Service Lawn Care – installation, care, and mowing for your residential yard or your business yard.
  • Residential Landscape Design 
  • Commercial Landscape Design 
  • Appleton Landscaping 
  • Fox Valley Landscaping 
  • Residential Landscaping 
  • Commercial Landscaping 
  • Landscaping Contractor 
  • Hardscapes  
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Custom Hardscaping – Hardscaping for your walkways, patios, retaining walls, firepits, and more.
  • Softscapes 
  • Custom Softscapes    
  • Brick Patio Installation 
  • Brick Walkway Installation 
  • Brick Driveway Installation – Brick driveway installation for a smooth driveway that holds up to weather and wear and tear.
  • Brick Steps Installation
  • Paver Patio Installation  
  • Paver Walkway Installation – Add a paver walkway to your property to add elegance and to add value to your home or business.
  • Paver Driveway Installation
  • Natural Stone Patio Installation 
  • Natural Stone Walkway Installation 
  • Natural Stone Driveway Installation – A natural stone driveway offers elegance and strength for your new driveway.
  • Natural Stone Steps
  • Fire Pit Installation – Professional fire pit installation for a beautiful and functional fir pit.
  • Manufactured Blocks
  • Treated Lumber
  • Boulders
  • Interlocking Paver Patio Installation 
  • Interlocking Paver walkway Installation 
  • Interlocking Paver Driveway Installation 
  • Outcrop Installation
  • Retaining Wall Installation 
  • Natural Stone Retaining Wall Installation 
  • Boulder Retaining Wall Installation – Install a retaining wall with boulders to add a natural look and a sturdy solution!
  • Interlocking Concrete Block Retaining Wall Installation 
  • Timber Retaining Wall Installation
  • Sitting Wall Installation 
  • Stoop Installation – Add or repair a professional stoop to the front of your home to keep your entryway safe and accessable.
  • Raised Patio Installation 
  • Firepit Installation 
  • Outdoor Living Spaces 
  • Garden Installation 
  • Planting Bed Installation 
  • Mulching   
  • Custom Landscape Edging Installation 
  • Natural Stone Edging Installation 
  • Brick Edging Installation 
  • Boulder Edging Installation  
  • Plastic Edging Installation 
  • Edging installation 
  • Privacy Trees Planting  
  • Shrub Installation – Professional landscaping services including quality shrub installation.
  • Tree Installation 
  • Planting 
  • & More!

Maloney Landscaping and Paving Inc. serves the following communities with high quality professional landscaping, hardscaping, lawn care, asphalt paving, decorative paving, snow removal and more:

Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, Oshkosh, Hortonville, Greenville, Mackville, Kaukauna, Little Chute, Kimberly, Harrison, Sherwood, Black Creek, Wrightstown, and the surrounding Fox Valley area.